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Muffler Mart works on all makes and models of domestic & foreign
cars & trucks. Our services include resurfacing rotors, packing
bearings, replacement of shoes, pads, and rotors. We also bleed
and flush your brake systems, as well as provide services to the
master cylinder for ABS systems when necessary. Our reasonably
priced brake services will provide you with a safe and reliable vehicle
that you can count on.

Whether you are needing  brakes, calipers, rotors,drums, shoes, master
cylinders or wheel cylinders,
contact us today for more information on our
affordable and reliable brake service.
* Diagnosis
* Pad Replacement
* Shoe Replacement
* Wheel Cylinders
* Master Cylinders
* Emergency Brakes
* Brake Drums & Rotors
Spongy Brake Pedal
- This is when the pedal nearly touches the floor before the brakes function

Brake Wear
- Premature wear can be caused by a variety of faults in the brake system. To avoid costly repairs, it is wise
to have your brakes checked on an annual basis.

- This is when the brake pedal or steering wheel shakes, pulsates, or vibrates when the brake pedal is pushed.

Brake Noise
- Brakes should operate nearly silently, If you are experiencing screeching, squealing, grinding, or vibration,
it is highly likely that your brakes need service.

Brake Grab
-This is when your brakes are extremely touchy, or grab when very little pressure is applied.

Brake Pull
- This is when the car pulls to one side while the brakes are being applied.

Brake Drag
-This is where your brakes stick, or fail to release properly when forced is removed from the pedal.

High Pedal Force
- This is when your brakes do not react properly, primarily by way of excessive stopping distance or excessive
pedal effort
Is your vehicle exhibiting any of these common Brake Problems?
If you are experiencing any of these issues, bring your vehicle into Muffler Mart as soon as possible
to avoid additional problems and to ensure your vehicle is operating safely.